Envision Music Festival 2017

From what I hear, I was the first photographer to be allowed to cover the complete build of the Envision Music Festival in Uvita Costa Rica...

3 months have passed since that nearly 30 day experience living in the jungle of Costa Rica an and watching a few hundred people come together from all over the world to build a pretty epic music festival from scratch... Unfortunately not enough time has passed for me to fully describe in words what that experience was like for me.

A shock to the senses
Photographic moral dilemmas
Extreme conditions

The building of the stages and festival grounds was 24 hour operation, swung in shifts between day crews willing to brave the heat and night crews willing to brave the lack of sleep..

There was really nothing that could have prepared me for what I did ... I knew before hand what I was about to get into and I still could not prepare for it..

Covering the Envision Festival, build to finish was probably one of the most physically and emotionally challenging photography excursions I have ever had... There was an incredible amount of anxiety to make sure that I covered as much as I could without letting any of the people and crews down that were putting their hearts and souls into the jobs they were doing.

I found myself too tired to sleep and too sick to stay awake, but I kept shooting .. Morning, Noon, Night... Setting different alarms, convincing myself that 3hrs sleep in 20 hours would get me by..

All I can say in the end is I slept about 5-6 hours a day... I shot over 4,400 photos over the 30 days and over 16,000 timelapse images... I edited and delivered over 600 finished photos and video.. I met some amazing people and found a part of me I did not know about at the Envision Music Festival.

Here are only some of the many photos taken.. If you want to see the bulk of the shots check my Facebook page.