Product photo adventure with Lifestraw

A product you should admire. Lifestraw makes affordable and lifesaving water filters and has probably saved more lives with their product than anyone could imagine. When I had the opportunity to partner with them for some Yosemite photos I was beyond excited. This is a company I believe in.

When the new bottle/filter system came out (Lifestraw Go) I immediately wanted to try it out. I was familiar with the traditional Lifestraw that allowed you to suck water through a filter-like straw, but this added a whole new level of convenience.  Being able to fill up and have the same safe filtered water with me on the go was a game changer as an avid hiker.

The first trail was a 18 mile trek over the north rim of Yosemite Valley, having only a few major sources of water along the way, the majority of fills would come from small streams. I can't say enough how amazing it was to just dip the bottle in the water, screw on the filter and lid and start drinking. I purposefully wanted to really get dirty with the filter, I did not pick the cleanest looking water. There is a lot of micro debris in Yosemite streams that normally cause havoc on water filters. I had filled up around 20 times before the end of the 2 day hike and it was working as good as fill no. 1.

A few weeks later I ventured out to the south western section of Yosemite, Hetch Hetchy Valley. With abundant water sources, it was not a problem finding water, the real shine to this product again came from it's ease of use. I was not having to pump, suck, squeeze, etc, etc.. It just made the entire hike so much easier.

Taking product photos of the Lifestraw Go in Yosemite was a pleasure.